Purchasing a Piano

One of the largest of the musical instruments, a piano can be a major purchase. Here are some thoughts to get you started.

  1. Do you prefer the sound of an acoustic piano?

An acoustic piano is a “real piano” – one that’s made of wood and does not plug into the wall. Some people know that’s what they want and nothing electronically produced will do. If that’s you, then click over to my articles and read about choosing an acoustic piano.

2. Are space and weight of concern for you?

If space is tight or you suspect you’ll be moving, then a digital piano makes good sense. A digital piano can have the same touch-feel to the keys as an acoustic but with much greater ease of moving. Current digital pianos can have very realistic sound and their prices are quite manageable.

3. Can I just pick up $55 keyboard?

While it’s true that you can press the keys on an electronic keyboard in the same manner as a piano, you will not get the same piano feeling under your fingers. PIANO keys (whether acoustic or digital) make a louder sound when struck with more force. Keyboard keys make the same sound no matter how they are pressed.

This may seem like a small difference but it’s one that quickly becomes frustrating. Even a beginner will feel the difference. The electronic keyboard feels like you’re typing in an assignment; the digital piano feels like you can make music.

For more information of choosing a piano just right for you, see my other ARTICLES.