Students Say the Funniest Things


Adult student, having trouble with a review song, “I just washed my hands and I can’t do a thing with them!”

8-year-old girl, “I can play a lot of things with my eyes off the piano, but when my mind goes off the piano, I can’t play.”

7-year-old boy, “What’s the opposite of a decrescendo?”
“You mean a crescendo?”
“No! It’s a NIGHT crescendo.”

Adult student, referring to music notes “You mean all I have to do is follow the dots?!”
(And she was right, too.)

Adult student, “In this song, my hands look so much like spiders crawling on the keys.”

5-year old boy, “I know my thumb sticks out. I think it just wants a trip to Ohio.” (Ohio is where his cousins live.)

Adult student, “Every single time I begin to practice, my cat comes and crawls under my hand!”

10-year-old girl, “If I pull my tongue back into my mouth, my song comes with it.”

9-year-old boy with ADHD, “No, my feet can’t hold still. They want to dance to this song!”

In Suzuki lessons, parents play duets with their children. One
6-year-old girl commented, “I know Mom is trying to help, but she just makes so many mistakes!”


Funny Times at the Piano