REVIEWS of Adult Lessons

Read what adult students say about piano lessons with Andria. 

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When Andria explains music, it’s not intimidating at all!

Elizabeth L, Chicago




Christine Lopez, Chicago

I originally discovered Andria Anderson/Enjoy Piano Now from her sign while out walking my dog in the neighborhood. I memorized the website, looked her up, and after the holidays, I called to sign up for the beginner adult group lessons. I have been learning under Andria’s guidance for almost a year now. After that first month, I was hooked. I found that learning music and practicing for even as little as 10-15 minutes after getting home from work completely lifted my mood and put the anxieties from the work day to rest.

Andria teaches in a way that feels intuitive. After the first month, Andria suggested that I move to a private lesson format so that I could continue progressing at my own pace. As a kid, I gave up guitar because the whole reading music part just wasn’t clicking for me. I can confidently say now that I am more comfortable than ever when Andria gives me a new piece to chew on.

I was a little apprehensive about the expense of moving from the group format to a private lesson, but once we discussed the cost, it was really a no-brainer.

Andria layers in new skills and concepts over time to continually push me to grow and develop further. At one point we were working on a song together and she decided to introduce two other different versions of the same song. Once I could comfortably play all three, she then asked me to put the sheet music away and to just play the song in a style and rhythm that I like best. It was a simple request but I found that her question framed the lesson in a complete new way for me- it underscored the creative process of music and that there really is no one right or wrong way to make music. That song is different now every time I practice it and that’s the beauty of it.

As an adult learner with a very busy career and frequent travel, Andria has always been very accommodating of my schedule and has made keeping up with regular practice fit in easily. I highly recommend Andria and will continue working with her on this musical journey!

From Stephanie P, Chicago:

I came to Andria as novice adult, and empty-nester, who regretted that she had never learned to play the organ. I began studying with Andria about three years ago, and have been extremely happy with the results. If you are an adult learner who fears appearing foolish trying something new, don’t be. Andria will set you immediately at ease. She is funny, insightful, and very dedicated to what she does. I am amazed at the progress I have made, and have learned quite a bit about music theory and music history to boot. In fact, I believe that studying music has helped me to become more disciplined and organized.
This is not to imply that studying with Andria is boring, far from it. We have a wonderful time. So, if your an adult who feels the need to do something “just for you.” Give Andria a call. I assure you, you wont regret it.


Andria should call her classes, Piano Spa. I look forward to my lesson each week because I get so much more than piano from her. It is truly piano wellness. Andria’s patience, understanding and years of experience in teaching and in life are a welcome break in my busy week.          – Cheryl Sloane, Chicago, IL

 From Deb O., Niles IL
Learning to play the piano can be challenging.  But, it should always be an experience filled with fun, passion and joy.  Andria is a key part of my success as an adult piano student, and since beginning my lessons with her, I’ve again found the joy and fun in playing piano.  Andria is an incredible teacher.  I’ve greatly benefited from her music theory teachings, and I particularly admire her ability to tailor these lessons to her audience—from child to adult learner, or from beginning to advanced learner regardless of age.  Andria wants her students to succeed and develop a life-long love of piano.  To achieve this, Andria understands how and when to challenge her students.  For me, Andria has been a keen observer of how I learn.  She works diligently and patiently with me through difficult passages, making sure that I understand how to break the passage down to practice.  But, in knowing me as a student, Andria has not been afraid to shift my focus to different pieces when she felt that a piece might be just out of my reach, causing too much frustration for me or if I was starting to become discouraged with my progress.  This kind of guidance and care in teaching has been as liberating for me as it’s been exciting.  I also appreciate that Andria understands that, as an adult, sometimes “life” gets in the way and I’m not as prepared for our lesson as I’d like to be.  Andria isn’t at all judgmental.  We just sit down and play–present in that moment–and I never leave without being charged-up and excited for what I might conquer in the coming week.  In sum, working with Andria has been a pure joy!  I would recommend her to any student looking for a true partner in piano.  I look forward to studying with Andria for many years to come.