Letter to an Adult Interested in Re-Starting Piano Lessons

Congratulations getting to the part of life where you can add piano again!  The adults in my studio find such fulfillment playing the songs they love.

I have about 10 adult students each week, out of 35 total students per week. When each adult started, the ones who could read music brought songs they could play now and also ideas of what they wanted to be able to play. From there, we lay out a plan that will suit their goals.

I can also compose individual arrangements of a song, in case we don’t find published music that suits their current level.

Several of my adults were surprised at the quantity of music now available at a moderately easy level – but which can sound quite good. I have a large library of music that they can choose from. They can try out some pieces, then order only what they want for their own music collection. I also show them how to search online for music that suits them.

Each adult’s lesson is tailored for their specific needs. So there’s no set method because each one is individual. I’ve been teaching for over 45 years now, so I have a wide knowledge of various teaching techniques and who would benefit from which one.

I tend to be patient and understanding. I know that some concepts just seem too foreign to catch onto right away. Because I also teach pre-schoolers, I have “many small steps” to fall back on to be sure a student truly “gets” any given concept.

I also understand that adult life has ebbs and flows to it. One of my favorite students is currently recovering from back surgery. Since she’s in her 70’s, we know it will be a few months before she can get to her piano. And that’s OK – she’ll contact me when she once again wants that sense of peace and beauty that piano gives her.

My tuition fees are $80 per hour. I do recommend an hour lesson each week for an adult because the time just FLIES by! We do have a really good time 🙂  But some students have chosen less time because of financial constraints. I can work with that.

I teach from my home, in the Old Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago – 4302 N TRIPP AVE, Chicago, IL 60641.

I would greatly enjoy working with you and look forward to meeting you in person,