REVIEWS of Children’s Lessons

What students and their parents have to say about lessons with Ms. Andria. 



The opportunity to learn something alongside my daughter is something I will cherish forever. We support and challenge each other while having Andria’s calm guidance lead us through not only the enjoyment of piano, but of music and its importance in enriching our lives overall. We look forward to our time at the piano because, with Andria by our side, we feel competent, capable and encouraged.

– Jessica V., mother of 9-year-old who has studied with Andria for 3 years, Chicago, IL

In my house we refer to Andria as “the child whisperer”. Her patience and amazing ability to continuously engage students develops a lifelong love of music. Students learn to play the piano and live their lives a little bit better because of their time spent with Andria.




– Cheryl Sloane whose 9-year-old son has studied with Andria for 3 years, CHICAGO IL





Clara G and 7-year-old Julian



My son (age 7) & I have been taking piano lessons for over a year now and are extremely happy with our progress. Andria teaches the Suzuki method which really helps you understand the music being played. She is very patient and pleasant.



Mom Michael and 6-year-old Nate

My son has been taking lessons with Andria for a year and a half, he began when he had just turned five. She is a natural teacher. She engages her students with all kinds different approaches, and he loves to go. Her deep sense that learning should encompass more than time at the piano means that benefits for him, concentration, doing things well, as well as working at something difficult carryover into other activities. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.


From Penny P, Chicago:

Andria is an excellent piano teacher– able to adjust her teaching style for any age/skill level of student. With my girls (ages 9 and 5), she turns each exercise into a game. There are card games, games with beads, games with fuzzy stuffed animals, and games with songs — each designed to help a child to work her way through a new music piece or piano skill. For me (the grown-up), Andria teaches the theory behind the music and gives me tools to help my daughters in their practice. Andria organizes friendly, fun performance opportunities for her students. She works to instill a love of music. She is warm and personable, yet has a knack for keeping kids focused.


Sisters play together


“After one year, my girls love the unique and effective teaching style of Miss Andria.  She makes it fun and enjoyable, keeps them engaged, encourages creativity and helps them take ownership of practicing and coming prepared for more.  We love the periodic fun events she schedules, which gives the students and parents a chance to connect and celebrate each student’s improvements/achievements.” May Y., Chicago