Basic First Time Lesson Information

Congratulations in getting your child started in piano lessons.

You’re giving your child a gift that enriches their entire life. 


1) For Suzuki lessons with children, there is a parent orientation which lasts 1 hour. It is all adult talk, so children should not be in attendance. During the orientation, I will cover how Suzuki lessons work and what parental involvement is expected. The orientation is free and there is no obligation to begin lessons.
If, at the end of the orientation, the parents decide they want their child to begin studies with me, they purchase the needed supplies from me. That includes – the music book, the professional CD, flashdrive of recordings and the parent handbook. That total cost is $40.
At that time, payment for the first semester’s lessons is also expected.

2) Lessons are $40 per 30-minute lesson. Lessons are once a week.

3) Practice at home starts at about 5 minutes daily but quickly increases to 30-minutes per day. Be thinking when in the child’s and your day that would fit.

4) A piano is much more satisfying to play than a keyboard. I work with both digital pianos and acoustic ones. If suggestions are wanted for either kind, just contact me. (Recommendations for digital pianos –

5) Lessons are paid by the semester. You will receive an invoice at the beginning of the semester.
Checks and cash are both fine.
QuickPay should be paid to
Contact me for directions to pay by Paypal. is paid to

If semester payments are a hardship, monthly payments can be arranged. That does include extra processing fees, however.

Feel free to call or e-mail me with other questions.
– Andria Anderson